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a meeting with cal doj. we're appreciative to attorney general harris for actually taking a chance on san francisco. we will be the first police department in the state of california to have california department of justice information available on a mobile device. we believe that we have the security worked out and again it's going to keep the officers in the field, go a long way to helping us bridge that gap until we get to full staffing. our next slide, capital improvement, the golden gate park stables is about a quarter of a million dollars. our lake merced renovation to the range, about a half million dollars already approved. requested mission security fencing. the traffic relocation hall of justice which is part of the easter bond, too, and then district station academy improvements, things like the roofs that are just outside what we call the [speaker not understood] just before you bring custodies into the station. parking lot pavements, air conditioning and electrical upgrades and hot water supply systems. these are all things that have been left wanting over the years. and then
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)